About Us

Dallas Spinal Rehabilitation Center (DSRC) has been a respected and vital part of the healthcare and rehabilitation system for almost 35 years. DSRC has earned this longevity and the respect and support that made that longevity possible by providing high quality, cost-effective, efficient, professional, and patient-centered programs and services. These innovative and highly successful programs are dedicated to helping the injured person return to work or an active lifestyle or both.

Dallas Spinal Rehabilitation Center is centrally located in the heart of the Greater Dallas - Fort Worth area - at 8150 Brookriver Driver, Suite S-700, near the intersection of Stemmons Freeway (I-35E, North) and West Mockingbird Lane. DSRC made the move to this location in 2012 and had the opportunity to plan and layout a beautiful facility that is also functional and pleasantly inviting. DSRC is easily swiss replica watches and conveniently located and accessible to all in the Greater Dallas - Fort Worth area as well as those who come from outside the immediate area.

The friendly staff of DSRC is dedicated to keeping the focus of all programs patient-centered. The staff is composed of full-time, highly professional individuals, most of whom have been with DSRC for many years; they have gained the respect of both the healthcare and rehabilitation communities, and, most importantly, of the patients they have worked with over the years. The staff consists of Physicians, Psychologists, Counselors, Case Managers (Licensed Professional Counselors, Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Certified Case Managers), Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Case Managers, Certified Trainers, Exercise Technicians, and replica watches uk a dedicated management and support staff.

Dallas Spinal Rehabilitation Center and its staff are active in the healthcare and rehabilitation communities at the international, national, regional, state, and local levels through its professional, educational, and advocacy activities on behalf of injured workers and other replica watches individuals facing delayed recovery injuries.

CARF - the International Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission has awarded its highest accreditation to DSRC for its core programs: its Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Programs and its Occupational Rehabilitation Programs. This accreditation indicates that DSRC clearly meets the internationally recognized standards of CARF which emphasize individualized, person-centered programming, continuous devotion to quality, competent, qualified, and professional staffing, a healthy, safe, and accessible environment for rehabilitation treatment and care and accountability for its the services provided.

Available at Dallas Spinal Rehabilitation Center


• Interdisciplinary Pain Program
• Work Hardening
• Medical and Functional Capacity Evaluations
• Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy
• Biofeedback Services
• Back and Neck School
• Work (Job) simulation
• Psychological Therapy
• Stabilization Program
• Marriage & Family Counseling
• Functional Restoration
• Work Conditioning
• Impairment Ratings
• Vocational Planning
• Pre-Surgical Screening
• Postoperative Rehabilitation
• Psychological Evaluations
• Medication Management
• Lifestyle, Informational


All programs, services, and administrative functions are available in English and Spanish. Interpreters and Translators can be secured for other languages when necessary.